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Haus of Schreck

Meet the Schreck family. At first, when you hear the name you may think of green ogres in the popular movie series, not quite. Although Schreck is the German word used for "to frighten" and Rick has been told his name was some sort of self fulfilling prophesy,meeting this bunch would give you the exact opposite idea, or will it?

We have Rick "Ormortis" and Kate "Katanas," both true Jersey devils born and raised dead central in the old garden state they have been together for 19 years and going strong. Rick has been a professional tattoo artist for the last 23 years and owner of House of 1000 Tattoos in Middlesex Boro for the last 13. 

He bought his first antique Ouija Board in 1992 and was hooked, buying as many as he could get his hands on, leading to creating his own talking boards in 2004, As the amount of boards grew The idea of mounting them on every wall to create some sort of giant gateway or vortex into wherever is a comment that often has people laughing but Rick is serious. While Kate enjoys his wild ideas she is the one that often keeps him grounded in reality. From gardening and creating outdoor art to her witchful mastery in baking cakes and sweets, this mother of three is always busy.Kate also creates her own pendulum boards and finds them much easier to use than a talking board.

And now... as Rick calls them "The Children of The Candy Corn": Kyle, Winter and Samara.

Kyle - the one with the most normal sounding name has the funniest story as to where it comes from, maybe we can get him or Kate to tell us. He has quite a collection of memories that he can share about ghost hunting with Rick when he was a kid, even though he didn't wanna go most times.lol If the family had a huge house like The Munsters or The Addams Family, Kyle would definitely be the mad scientist that lives down below,building some sort of monster or such.

Winter and Samara - sisters and best of friends.Grounded, talented and high achievers in school they are also kind, well mannered and creative,we will learn much more about them and what it was like growing up at a place where every day is Halloween.

Is their house haunted?" It's all a matter of perspective" says Rick "what some may call ghosts, spirits or even demons, I may call friends."