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Tarot Date with Ken Boggle. Watch Season 1 Now.


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Tarot Date with Ken Boggle

Ken Boggle was born Kenneth Ray Hughes, Jr. in rural (as opposed to metropolitan) Southeastern Kentucky. By the age of 8 his Grandmother (that was his age…not hers) taught him to read coffee grounds, and his Aunt (still his age) taught him to read fortunes with a pack of Poker cards. Throughout his adult life, Ken worked in restaurants, salons, and spas. And while financially successful (despite surviving grounds in his coffee and his aunt’s apparent gambling addiction) Ken did not feel he was living true to his talents.

Then one day, Patti Starr, offered Ken a Tarot deck. “Learn these,” Patti urged. “You will be great with these.” After one and a half years of studying the Tarot, learning and creating his own spreads, Ken developed his own approach to the Tarot.

Now Ken has opened Tarot By Ken, LLC. and is reading the Tarot for people all over the world – many of whom often say that readings with Ken have changed their lives. The rest are still hung up on why he had coffee grounds to read after 1974.